As an experience driven company, Dotweb understands the value and need of UX of a product, across multiple touchpoints and at all stages of its lifecycle. It is extremely important that the user/customer gets the most delightful experience interacting with the brand at every stage. This is crucial in improving the overall revenue, reducing costs and maintaining high ROI.

Whether it’s about a new product or an already existing one, Dotweb makes sure that from ideation to its implementation, user centered design process is followed to deliver a simplified, usable and efficient product that solves user’s problems, help them achieve their goal and also makes them feel delightful doing so; while aligning it with the goals of the business.

Not only from a product development standpoint, we extend our experience consulting services to all the aspects of a brand’s ecosystem starting from the awareness stage to advocacy stage of a product which includes customer experience (CX) based marketing & engagement strategies, persuasion & behavior modeling and sales funneling.

Our Experience Consulting Process Snapshot (UX/CX)

Exploration & Strategy

Goals Analysis   Competitors Audit   User Personas   Task Flows   User Journeys   Success Metrics   Product Roadmap

Goals Analysis Competitors Audit User Personas Task Flows User Journeys Success Metrics Product Roadmap

In a collaborative approach, research and analysis for insights coming from the stakeholders interviews and users research, sets the objectives and goals for the project. Empathizing and understanding user’s problems is the key driver to the success and adoption of a product.

Design strategy based on the strategic insights to align both business and user goals, critical success factors for measurement and defining the product roadmap is done in this stage.

Concepts & Evaluation

Information Architecture   Wireframes   Low/Hi-Fidelity Prototypes   Usability Testing

Information Architecture Wireframes Low/Hi-Fidelity Prototypes Usability Testing

Creating winning experiences requires delivering highly usable and intuitive product that offers a delightful experience to its users.

Grouping and flow of information as per the user’s expectation, mapping the conceptual model to user’s mental model and detailing them into sketches, creating clickable prototypes using rapid prototyping tools, evaluating and validating the concepts directly with the users and actionable design improvements based on the insights of user testing against the critical success factors that were defined in the first phase are done in this stage.

Based on the results, an informed decision is therefore taken and the best solution is selected.

UI - Look & Feel

Visual Design   Branding   UI Guidelines & Specifications

Visual Design Branding UI Guidelines & Specifications

As they say… First impression is the best impression! The visual appearance or the user interface plays an important role in grabbing the user’s attention and having a long lasting impact on them. Crafting beautiful interfaces for the web and mobile screens in line with the branding guidelines is done at this stage.Attention to visual hierarchies, affordance levels and other aspects of design are followed to make the interface intuitive, consistent and easy to use.

The final UI guidelines and specifications along with visual assets are handed over to the development team for development & implementation of the product.

Development & Implementation

Coding   Testing   Launch

Coding Testing Launch

Development of the product, testing and implementation is done at this stage. Using the specifications based on all the previous phases, front-end and back-end development is done to provide the finished product to the users.


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