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DotWeb is a growing digital media company with strong focus on User Experience, Startup Advisory & Digital Product Development Services. We have won many accolades for our outstanding work in the User Experience and product development space.


Vikram Chindam

Founder - Head Technology & Business Strategy

Vikram has over 14 years of experience in technology planning, business strategy and team building. He consulted several technology companies and served in multiple roles, from building teams to envisioning and executing business strategy. Diverse industry experience and entrepreneurial approach to problem solving are the hallmarks of his career.

He has handled many mission critical government applications starting from architecting the technology to developing dashboards in large scale healthcare implementations.Vikram Specializes in Open Source Technologies. He was instrumental in setting up and running applications in Agri-tech and Energy space in USA and technology helped critical ROIs for the end using organizations.

At DotWeb, Vikram oversees strategy and technology aspects of business. He works closely with clients to translate their business goals into actionable technologies. He also assists clients on business development and go-to-market initiatives.

An avid follower of technology, its adoption and consumption, Vikram also loves adventure sports such as trekking and mountaineering. Vikram holds a masters degree in computer applications from Osmania University.


Saurav Gupta

Head UX/CX Division

Saurav is a co-founding member of the UX/CX division of Dotweb. His expertise lies in problem solving using innovative solutions, human-centric strategies, usability engineering, visual communication and analytics.

A HFI certified professional (CUA) with a Diploma in Psychology & background in design, he has over the years worked across domains like healthcare, finance, hospitality, education, publishing and digital media. He is currently leading the UX division of Dotweb in creating experience driven products and handling digital transformation projects.

From the awareness stage, to usage of the product, to advocacy stage, Saurav’s customer/user experience based strategies & solutions play an important role in providing a great experience to the users across multiple touch points of a brand’s entire eco-system.


Sushant Jamdade

Head of Web & Mobile Development Division

Sushant comes with a rich background in JAVA and various front end technologies. He is a seasoned Industry professional with 8 years of experience.

Sushant has been instrumental in building our web+mobile development team in Hyderabad & Pune.He is an avid technology reader and always likes to keep himself updated with the new developments in the coding area.

Also Sushant loves teaching, regularly involves himself in grooming the freshers at various engineering colleges.


Sandeep Manne

Head of Cloud Technologies

Sandeep made humble beginnings with DotWeb. Over the years he has gained commendable experience in development and project management. He is a specialist in cloud deployments and currently manages, cloud migration and deployment.




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