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Turning ideas into digital products over multiple iterations is our product development USP. We are seasoned players when it comes to design and development of software products. We use agile methodology for most of the client requirements and off late we also started adopting the full stack experimentation approach. Both these development approaches ensure the minimum viable product is developed after much consideration and very light on the client's pocket.

Full stack development has its own merits compared to Agile methodology, we usually recommend our client to adopt this approach when client needs a deeper understanding of his customers.

User Experience[UX] centric product development is ensured to deliver good customer experience to the end users.

DotWeb's expertise with mobile and web technologies enables enterprises to rapidly transform their operations into highly productive and collaborative work environments. We understand that the primary function of technology is to deliver on business goals without overhauling existing processes.

Our approach is based on capturing the business goals of individual stakeholders and creating an architecture that best empowers end-users to independently deliver on organizational goals. Over the years, we have worked closely with several enterprises and institutions to enable them with technologies that help create a sustainable competitive edge, while reducing overall costs on service delivery.

As a result, we have evolved a strong practice in bespoke application development that embraces every aspect of technology consumption – from business process automation through to usability engineering and user experience management.

DotWeb constantly works on creating a rich stack of technologies to make them readily available for rapid implementation and to reduced costs associated with project management and application reengineering. We leverage the best combination of open source and proprietary technologies to rationalize budgets associated with app development and to optimize on business performance.


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