Prima - Hospital Information Management System

More than just simplifying Hospital Management, PRIMA provides end-to-end management solutions that include Hospital Administration Management and Patient Care Management (including electronic medical records).

An efficient, easy-to-use, cross-functional product, PRIMA facilitates process improvements, efficient management and solves the problem of high operative costs that hospitals incur for their administrative, medical and clinical transactions, by providing a paperless management solution.


  • End-to-end hospital management solution
  • Seamless integration between doctors, patients and the hospital administration
  • Includes 'Patient Care Management' with real time patient tracking (OPD and IPD)
  • Provides paperless solution with secured cloud based information storage ¬†system
  • Increases ROI by reducing high operational costs


Core Features List

Hospital Administration Management

Process Management

  • Doctor Module
    • Investigation / Pathology Requisitions
    • Prescriptions
    • Operation ¬†Finalization
  • Investigation Module
  • Pathology Module
  • Counseling Module
  • Nurse Module
  • Ward / ICU / Room Module
    • Investigation / Pathology Requisitions
    • Prescriptions
    • Operation ¬†Finalization
  • Operation Theater Module

Organization & Facilities Management

Billing Management

  • Multi Department Billing
  • Deposit Collection
  • Refund Facility

Financial Analysis & Management

Store Management

  • Inventory Requisition
  • Stock Dispatch
  • Sales Return Policy

Patient Care Management

Appointment Scheduling

Patient History & Reports

Insurance & Payment

Organization & Facilities Management

Billing Management



Efficient, intelligent, satisfying and a profitable investment with quick ROI is what our clients say about PRIMA.

Has been developed after an extensive research, done with the healthcare industry experts including Doctors, Nurses, Pathology Experts, Patient Counselors, Hospital Admin Staff, Front Office Executives, Patients, Pharmacists, Insurance Coordinators, NABH Consultants and more.

Developed by Dotweb, the company has extensive experience in creating healthcare industry related products

Successfully deployed at numerous hospitals in Telangana, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.


Automated and intelligent flow of patient information enables hospitals and doctors to serve their patients better

Availability of timely and accurate information increases the possibility of attending to more patients by reducing their wait time

Cloud based information storage enables easy and secured access to information on the go - anytime, anywhere

Paperless process results in reducing errors and better utilization of the limited productive hours

Helps in better resource management

Increases competitive advantage due to increased efficiency and patient satisfaction

Increase in ROI