User Experience (UX)

Given a choice, what would you rather give the user – product or experience? Surely, this is a Hobson’s choice. You either want both or nothing at all. This is precisely what users are unmindfully evaluating while eventually accepting or rejecting a product.

DotWeb’s believes that User Experience is a focused practice that can be understood, measured and evaluated even before a product lands in the complicated inner workings of a user’s mind. In our years of experience, we have helped product companies to discover some of the shocking analytics and facts about how a user felt about their products. Thankfully though, this has eventually resulted in building a much superior product and helped obviate investments into re-engineering, training and marketing.

Not an after-thought
The metrics of User Experience have to be factored in while setting the business goals and must continuously evolve with every line of code. Imbibing a product with UX inputs cannot be worked backwards, as it results in exorbitant scope creep and illogical guesswork.

Design by analytics
From the precise moment when a user opens his/her mind to the product, every single event – be it technological, physical or environmental – is a decisive instance for UX. Measuring and evaluating each of the instances is critical to designing rich user experience.

Instances and insights
Translating instances into concrete real-world data and then into actionable insights is how UX can be implemented for predictable outcomes. Several research and data collection techniques are applied while synthesizing a comprehensive report on the user’s experience with the product.

Mind, model and methodology
The gap between the conceptual model of the product and the mental model of the user is where the problems, opportunities and secrets of user experience lie. Unearthing and decoding the experiences is what results in an effective and actionable User-Centered Design.

Certified ‘Professional’
DotWeb’s team comprises of trained and certified UX professionals, who together bring years of understanding of technology, design and communication. Every aspect of our work adheres to the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability.

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Mobile and Web

DotWeb’s expertise with mobile and web technologies enables enterprises to rapidly transform their operations into highly productive and collaborative work environments. We understand that the primary function of technology is to deliver on business goals without overhauling existing processes.

Our approach is based on capturing the business goals of individual stakeholders and creating an architecture that best empowers end-users to independently deliver on organizational goals. Over the years, we have worked closely with several enterprises and institutions to enable them with technologies that help create a sustainable competitive edge, while reducing overall costs on service delivery.

As a result, we have evolved a strong practice in bespoke application development that embraces every aspect of technology consumption – from business process automation through to usability engineering and user experience management.

DotWeb constantly works on creating a rich stack of technologies to make them readily available for rapid implementation and to reduced costs associated with project management and application reengineering. We leverage the best combination of open source and proprietary technologies to rationalize budgets associated with app development and to optimize on business performance.

Our expertise in mobile application development includes Android SDK and Phonegap, while our web development expertise includes MEAN stack, Ruby On Rails, LAMP and AWS.

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Social Media

The internet has permanently changed the nature and understanding of marketing. While the social media presents great marketing opportunities at lowered costs, the challenges and risks have grown beyond measurement and anticipation.

A successful marketing campaign is simply an interplay of technology, creativity and research. Getting each of these components in the right mix is what a social media strategy is all about. However, being a media that drives and thrives on being ‘social’, businesses often struggle to engage with the social mood of the network.

DotWeb’s work in Social Media has helped businesses to create an self-sustaining ecosystem of customers, which could be constantly engaged for social media proliferation and positioning. We work with clients to co-create a social media strategy by way of establishing goals, identifying target audience, competitive analysis, implementation and reporting.

Our approach to social media strategy is driven by hard-hitting network analytics and consumer psychometrics, so that no challenge or risk is dealt with guesswork and serendipity.

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