400% increase in customer engagement

With a comprehensive digital strategy, our roadmap for customer engagements and interactions led to a social growth, boosting sales and engaging new customers by more than 400%. Reaching out to over 39 countries via adwords, facebook and linkedin, Medico Vibes successfully gathered doctors from different parts of the world for their workshop in Hyderabad, India.

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Social Media Reach

The google analytics page shows the reach of our campaigns for MedicoVibes. Other than covering whole of India, we reached out to 39 different countries which brought in international doctors to register for the workshop.

Ad Campaigns and Strategy

With a 2 days facebook campaign, we reached out to more than 29000 targeted audience which multiplied the awareness of MedicoVibes product exponentially helping them get more clients.

Research, Strategy & Application

The audience for this workshop was limited to Andhra Pradesh, India alone. The challenge for us was to increase the awareness of MedicoVibes workshop worldwide and also generate international registrations. After a thorough research on the current and potential target user base, we strategized multi-channel digital campaigns and reached out to the targeted audience that successfully generated International registrations for the workshop.

Excellent Results

The social media strategy was successful with doctors flying down from different countries including Dubai, Australia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and many more to attend the workshop. The awareness of the workshop crossed all boundaries and is still generating international and national registrations.

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