Mobile & Web App with enriching UX

A turnkey solution for ‘Interventional Pain Management’ mobile/web app that adheres to the best UX/UI standards was implemented for this online medical eLearning platform. An easy solution for enrolling students, custom learning, and optimized video lessons were made available on both mobile and web with enriching user experience

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Mobile/Web App Design

Easy and intuitive interactions along with visual elements like the colors and fonts were optimized  according to the environmental profile of the doctors where they are most likely to use this app

Mobile/Web App Development

Development of the app with user experience principles including optimized video and micro-interactions to easily navigate through all the video lessons were implemented.

UX and Development Challenge

As low lit environments and frequent distractions are integral part of a doctor’s daily lifestyle, their environmental conditions and easy task flows played an important role in designing and developing this app. With User Centric Design (UCD) approach starting with data gathering, information architecture, conceptual designs, wireframes, user testing, visual design and agile process of development, we made sure the doctors got the most enchanting user experience (UX) while using this app.

Excellent Results

The user centered design and development approach worked well and the product was a success with the end users. As per Dr.Ashish,
Though I don’t use mobile apps as I am not comfortable with them, this easy to use app made me download the course on my mobile instead of studying only on web. I have had a very pleasant experience using this app so far.

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